Organizational Meeting Results – Officers

Good morning, Bridgewood!

It is our pleasure to inform you of the results of the Board of Director’s votes for Officers at Monday’s Organizational Meeting.

Barbara Zopp, former Secretary, now holds the office of Vice President. Kimber Shelton will take over Secretary duties. As Steph Needham is retiring next year, she gave endorsement to and it was approved that she train Zack Baldwin, current Treasurer, on the roles, duties, and responsibilities of the office of President. Your Board of Directors are now in the following offices:

Steph Needham, Board of Director, President
Barabara Zopp, Board of Director, Vice President
Kimber Shelton, Board of Director, Secretary
Zack Baldwin, Board of Director, Treasurer
Sandra Lang, Board of Director

All Board of Directors can be contacted at our official email addresses listed on the web site as well as at the email:

Have a great day!