Annual Assessments

2018 Assessments

2018 Assessment amount is $342.00. Payments are due 31 March 2018.  All requests for payment arrangements or disputes must be submitted in writing.  You may log onto the Resident Portal at:  to submit all correspondence for consideration to the Bridgewood HOA Board of Directors (BOD). Please see the following post regarding the 2018 increase and due date:

Ways to Pay

  • ACH Payments
    On your Resident Portal at:, you can register for ACH of your Yearly Assessments. By using ACH, you never have to worry about missing an assessment payment. An ACH payment is drafted directly from your checking or savings account, based on the routing number and bank account number you supply. Keep in mind that your ACH payment will go towards your regular assessments. Any special assessments (or other fees such as deed restriction violation fines) must be paid by another means such as check or credit card. If you request ACH after the first calendar day of the month, withdrawal will not become active until next date that regular assessments are normally due. In this case, you will need to make a one-time payment to bring your account current prior to your ACH withdrawals becoming active.
  • Phone
    Call RealManage Resident Services Group at 866-473-2573.
  • On-Site
    The on-site office located at the pool on Liberty Field takes payments via check or money order.
  • Mail
    A check or money order including your account number made payable to Bridgewood can be mailed to the following address:
    Bridgewood C/O RealManage
    2633 McKinney Ave #1305-502
    Dallas, TX 48204-2581

2019 Assessments

Partial Payments/Pay in Advance

Via our on-site office with check or money order, or on your Resident Portal via ACH at:, you can pre-pay your Yearly Assessments. This means of paying is in order to help you, the homeowner, satisfy your Assessment obligation by splitting it up over time. Our hope is that this is an opportunity for you to effectively manage your budget and will reduce any of the end-of-year stress that typically accompanies having to pay a bill right right after the holidays.  Currently, we are offering 6-month and 12-month payment plans for homeowners who sign up and utilize this option for 2019’s Yearly Assessments.