Frequently Asked Questions

Why does it take the Board of Directors so long to act on/respond to some situations?

The Board of Directors have to abide by all governing documents and state and federal law. The confines of working within these rules is restrictive and prohibits us from taking certain actions unless specific lengths of time have passed.

Please remember that your Board of Directors are unpaid volunteers who also have families and jobs. Each vote is undertaken with the utmost seriousness and in the timeliest fashion that we can. We have to take the time to have lengthy discussions about the decisions made on behalf of Bridgewood, as these decisions have wide-reaching ramifications to all residents.

Why isn’t the pool open all year? Why do we need lifeguards?

Although still experiencing warmer weather, during the winter months, the pool does not get enough visitors to justify the extra expense for year round maintenance and services. Bridgewood utilizes lifeguards for the safety of our residents as well as to decrease liability to the Association and members like yourself.

What can the HOA do about my neighbor parking in front of my house and cars speeding down the street?

While our governing documents do state there are parking restrictions in Bridgewood, unfortunately we cannot enforce them. The documents were written when Bridgewood was still owned by KB and the roads were private. When Bridgewood became 100% developed, the roads became Bexar County owned and we are not permitted to interfere with the County’s jurisdiction. If you are encountering parking issues, such as your neighbor blocking your driveway or the sidewalk, please call the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office non-emergency line at: (210) 335-6000.

The HOA submitted speed hump requests for several of Bridgewood's busiest streets and the County is currently collecting traffic speed data for these roads. We have also confirmed that the Superintendent of Traffic for Bexar County Public Works requested a site analysis of all of the roads in Bridgewood  for safety improvements and this should be completed in December 2016.

These requests were obtained by volunteers who live on those streets. If you would like speed humps for your street, please contact Norlando Williams at service@ciramail.com to obtain the form. You will need ten (10) signatures from ten (10) different houses on the street in question. The signatures do not need to be from homeowners, renters can sign as well.


Who owns my fence? What do I do if I want to repair/replace it?

The fencing that runs along your neighbor’s property line is 50/50 ownership and responsibility for maintenance. If you have fencing that contains one of the stone pillars, the fence belongs to you but the HOA is responsible for the maintenance of the outside of the fence.


If you would like to repair your fence, you’ll need to get with your neighbor to see about splitting the cost or you can pay 100% of the cost and ask your neighbor for reimbursement of 50%. This is a civil matter so unfortunately, the HOA cannot help you with this process.


To replace your fence, please submit an ACC Request.  as well as on your RealManage Resident Portal at http://www.realmanage.com/ . Once you log in to the Portal, choose “My Documents” and then “Forms”. Please email your request to service@ciramail.com . Once you submit your request and associated documents, you will receive a response within 30 days.

Who do I call for loose dogs/feral cat colonies?

Please contact Bexar County Animal Control at (210) 335-9000 or (210) 207-6550.

We’d also like to inform you about the San Antonio Feral Cat Coalition (SAFCC) if you have problems with an overabundance of cats roaming your property. The SAFCC takes the tactic of reducing the overpopulation problem. So while it takes some work from you, the end results will be worth it for you and our feline friends. SAFCC offers discount spay/neuter services for feral or free-roaming cats. The SAFCC offers a 2-hour orientation program to help familiarize new members with how feral cats live, how to trap them, and what to do once they’ve been spayed/neutered. Once you’ve attended the orientation, your name will be put on their master list, and you can then bring feral cats in to SpaySA for just $20.

Work with your neighbors as a Team and let’s “fix” this problem! http://spaysa.org/services/feralfree-roaming-cats/

How do I submit a Violation or complaint about my neighbor?

You can directly input a Violation on your Resident Portal at: http://www.realmanage.com/ . Just choose “Report a Violation”. You can also call RealManage at: 866-473-2573 or submit via email to:  Service@ciramail.com .

Whichever way you choose to report a Violation, please be aware that we need the address of the Violation and pictures.

Where can I get a copy of the governing documents?

A copy of all of Bridgewood’s governing documents can be found on our Governing Documents Page or by visiting your RealManage Resident Portal

How do I contact RealManage and the Board of Directors?

You can contact RealManage several ways:

On-Site Office:  The on-site office is located at the pool at 11102 Liberty Field, San Antonio, TX, 78254Hours: 8:30-5:30 (please note that due to COVID precautions, the staff is staggering days in the office.)

RealManage Email: Service@ciramail.com

RealManage Toll-free Number: 866-473-2573, the Resident Service Center is open from 7:30 am to 7:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

RealManage Toll-Free Fax: 866-919-5696

You can reach out to your BOD via email:

Kevin Oliver, Board of Director, President - kevin@mybridgewood.com

Lisa Carter, Board of Director, Vice President, Beautification Committee - lisa@mybridgewood.com

Adrian Alanis, Board of Director, Secretary - adrian@mybridgewood.com

Jennifer MacMaster, Board of Director, Treasurer, Pool Committee - jennifer@mybridgewood.com

Steph Gill, Board of Director, Fifth Chair, Commissioner, Bridgewood Youth Soccer (BYS) - stephanie@mybridgewood.com

How do I volunteer for my HOA?

Yay! Thank you so much for your interest in helping out. Bridgewood could not run without its volunteers. We currently need volunteers for the Beautification Committee and Pool Committee. Please visit our volunteer page to learn more!

When are my Assessments due? How much are they and how can I pay them?

Assessments $351.92 and are due on 01 January of every year. You can prepay them at any time before 01 January by making partial payments. We also offer payment plans.

Assessments can be paid via the following methods:

ACH Payments

On your Resident Portal  you can register for ACH of your Yearly Assessments. By using ACH, you never have to worry about missing an assessment payment. An ACH payment is drafted directly from your checking or savings account, based on the routing number and bank account number you supply.

Keep in mind that your ACH payment will go towards your regular assessments. Any special assessments (or other fees such as deed restriction violation fines) must be paid by another means such as check or credit card.

If you request ACH after the first calendar day of the month, withdrawal will not become active until next date that regular assessments are normally due. In this case, you will need to make a one-time payment to bring your account current prior to your ACH withdrawals becoming active.


Call RealManage Resident Services Group at 866-473-2573.


The on-site office located at the pool on Liberty Field takes payments via check or money order.


A check or money order including your account number made payable to Bridgewood can be mailed to the following address:

Bridgewood C/O RealManage

2633 McKinney Ave #1305-502

Dallas, TX 48204-2581

Partial Payments

Via our on-site office with check or money order, or on your Resident Portal via ACH at: http://www.realmanage.com/, you can pre-pay your Yearly Assessments. For example, for 2017 Assessments, you can make monthly payments now in order to have them taken care of. This means of paying is in order to help you, the homeowner, satisfy your Assessment obligation by splitting it up over time.

Who performs inspections for Deed Restriction Violations (DRVs) In Bridgewood?

Bridgewood employs a RealManage Inspector who drives the community for DRVs on a weekly basis.

Why did I get a letter when my neighbor has been getting away with their violations?

Please know that just because your neighbor hasn’t fixed their problem, doesn’t mean they haven’t got any letters. The Deed Restriction Violations (DRV) is a lengthy one whereas we have to send out a total of four (4) letters with state law mandated time between them before we can escalate a DRV to the attorney. We are also not allowed to give specifics on a resident’s DRV to anyone due to privacy laws. The BOD is currently working on heavily increasing the amount of outstanding violations that get sent to the attorney.

What do I have to do if I want to change my home, i.e. add a driveway, replace my fence, etc.?

In order to make changes to the exterior of your home, such as extending your driveway, building a shed, or other modifications, an Architectural Control Committee (ACC) Request Form along with documentation must be submitted.

Your request will then go to the ACC for further review and they may reach out to you for more information.

You can find a copy of the ACC Request Form on our web site (CLICK HERE) as well as on your RealManage Resident Portal . Once you log in to the Portal, choose “My Documents” and then “Forms”. Please email your request to service@ciramail.com . Once you submit your request and associated documents, you will receive a response within 30 days.

Please note that if you are replacing your roof from recent hail damage, as long as you are keeping the same type, color, and composition, you do not have to submit an ACC request. However, if any part of your roof replacement will change how it looked from before, we ask that you please submit an ACC Request.

What does the Board of Directors (BOD) do? What does RealManage do?

The Board of Directors are all volunteers who assist in the running of Bridgewood. The BOD votes on vendor bids, manages budgets and Assessments, ensures that we are in compliance with governing documents and state law, reviews ACC requests, attends Monthly Meetings, attends Events, maintains their fiduciary duty to the Community, and corresponds with residents on issues that arise.

RealManage is the property management company we pay to take care of our community. Our on-site Manager is an employee of RealManage. RealManage assists and organizes Annual and Board meetings. They also prepare annual budget, monthly financial reports, year-end financial statements, real estate taxes, tax returns and audit preparation.

Here is a list of other services RealManage provide for our community: Deed restriction enforcement, architectural control, collection of assessments, statements and late fees, amenity center rules and access, resident and community issues. community maintenance, long-term maintenance plan, maintenance and community Emergencies, vendors’ management, managing bank accounts, payment of expenses, insurance, community events, organizational documents, resale certificates, community information.

What do my Assessments pay for?

Your Assessments (dues) pays for repairs and maintenance of the community, the RealManage staff, landscape maintenance, pool operating expenses, administration, electricity, professional fees (attorneys), water charges, and Events. Please note that your volunteer Board of Directors (BOD) receive no compensation of reduced Assessments for their services.

Who do I contact to pay my dues?

The Board of Directors  has hired a management company to  collect the  assessments for the association.  You can login to your resident portal by clicking here or checking out our contact us page.