Board Of Directors

All affairs of an association are governed by a Board of Directors (BOD). Bridgewood’s BOD consist of three (3) community residents publicly elected by community residents.  Being a member of the BOD of a homeowners association is a great responsibility. All members of the Board are volunteers and serve without any compensation from the association. It is important that support and cooperation be given to them for the benefit of everyone living in the Bridgewood community.

The Board of Directors is Empowered and Directed to:
  • Prepare the annual budget for the association.
  • Establish the rate of assessments.
  • Collect all assessments due to the association.
  • Provide for necessary operational personnel.
  • Make and amend the community rules.
  • Enforce all provisions of the governing documents.
  • Provide for care and upkeep of the common areas.
  • Perform all acts necessary for the association’s administration.
  • Oversee the maintenance of all common areas and any amenities within your community.