Board Of Directors

President Kevin Oliver

I’ve been a member of the community since 2015 and this is the first time I have held any position on the board. I chose to run because I, like many other members of the community were unhappy with the direction the community was going in and was told if I didn’t like what was going on to run and try to change it.  So that is what I did and that is what I am trying to do. This will be the first term as your community President that I have served and I can already see changes in the community sense of pride and priorities. I look forward to continuing to serve as HOA President until I feel confident and comfortable in moving on to continue my other volunteer projects. Thank you for your time and have a great day,

Vice-President Jennifer MacMaster

I moved to Bridgewood 10 years ago. I have a wonderful husband and three kids that keep me busy. I am a certified applicator and co-owner of a pest control company with my husband. I handle all financials, reporting, and marketing for our business. Prior to that, I worked for several years as a high school science teacher (I’m also certified to teach math), in various science labs performing clinical testing, and have 10+ years in accounting/reporting at major corporations like Clear Channel and HEB. I graduated from UTSA with a degree in biology and chemistry. I joined the HOA to be the change that I wanted to see in the community. I have also learned immensely about the process. I look forward to meeting and connecting with you at the pool, parks, board meetings, community events, or even through my efforts to assist in getting your info up to date in the system. 

Treasurer Angela 

Bio Pending

Secretary Adrian Alanis

I originally moved into Bridgewood about 15 years ago. I have a wonderful wife (whom I’ve been with for over 20 years) and a son (who participates in Bridgewood Youth Soccer).  I am also a volunteer Coach for BYS and the BYS liaison to the HOA.  I am the Director of Business Development for a Home Health Agency.  I am a graduate of UTSA with degrees in Biology and Kinesiology.  My wife and I are avid health enthusiasts and can be seen in the gym daily.  I joined the HOA Board of Directors to help improve the community my family (and yours) live in.  I am not going to complain and expect change. I am going to be the change I wish to see in my community. I hope to meet many of you at our Board meetings and Community events.

Board Member Lisa Carter

I am currently retired. I care about my community. I work tirelessly, to ensure that our community is a great place to live. I have thirty years of homeownership and bring thirty-eight years of corporate experience to the Board of Directors of Bridgewood’s Homeowner’s Association. I feel a great sense of pride in living in this community and serving as the Vice President of our great community here at Bridgewood.

Bridgewood’s Board of Directors (BOD) consists of five (5) community residents publicly elected by the community residents.  Being a member of the BOD of a homeowners association is a great responsibility. All members of the Board are volunteers and serve without any compensation from the association. It is important that support and cooperation be given to them for the benefit of everyone living in the Bridgewood community.

The Board of Directors is Empowered and Directed to:
  • Prepare the annual budget for the association.
  • Establish the rate of assessments.
  • Collect all assessments due to the association.
  • Provide for necessary operational personnel.
  • Make and amend the community rules.
  • Enforce all provisions of the governing documents.
  • Provide for care and upkeep of the common areas.
  • Perform all acts necessary for the association’s administration.
  • Oversee the maintenance of all common areas and any amenities within your community.

To clarify the requirements and expectations of a Board member:

  • · There is NO pay or compensation of any type; this is strictly a volunteer position.
  • · There is no minimum or maximum amount of time required to tend to association business.
  • · You must own property in the community.
  • · Prior experience is not a requirement; your RealManage representatives will help guide and educate those new to the process as you become acquainted with your new role in community association governance.
  • · Board members should always strive to serve the best interests of the association, regardless of their personal interests.
  • · Board members should use sound judgment to make the best possible business decisions for the association, taking into consideration all available information, circumstances, and resources.
  • · Board members should act within the boundaries of their authority as defined by law and the governing documents of the association.
  • · Board members should provide opportunities for residents to comment on decisions facing the association.
  • · Board members should perform their duties without bias for or against any individual or group of owners or non-owner residents.
  • · Board members should disclose personal or professional relationships with any company or individual who has or is seeking to have a business relationship with the association.
  • · Always speak with one voice, supporting all duly adopted board decisions, even if the board member was in the minority regarding actions that may not have obtained unanimous consent.