Architectural Control Committee

ACC Clarification

Per Board of Directors (BOD) resolution voted on 24 January 2016, an ACC Request does not need to be submitted for minor repairs (such as replacing a few fence planks, replacing one or two pieces of siding, etc.). In addition, an ACC Request does not need submitted if your improvements/repairs are “like for like”, for example if the improvements/repairs are the same color, composition, and style that you are replacing. This includes roofs, trim, fencing, etc.

Procedures for ACC Requests for Improvements/Repairs

Exterior improvements and repairs must be requested through the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) via the ACC Request Form found here:

In order to make changes to the exterior of your home, such as extending your driveway, building a shed, replacing your roof, or other modifications that are not “like for like”, a homeowner signed ACC Request Form along with documentation must be submitted. Your request will then go to the ACC Committee for further review and they may reach out to you for more information.  To be approved, all colors should be cohesive with the aesthetics of the Bridgewood Community, i.e. neutral earth tones on paint trim, natural wood stain on fencing, roofs must match others in the Community, etc. For details of the guidelines, the ACC uses for approvals and disapprovals, please see your governing documents on this page: You should have been provided a copy of these documents upon closing on your home.

The ACC Request Form can be submitted several ways including:

  1. Emailed to
  2. Hand delivered to the on-site office located at the pool at 11102 Liberty Field, San Antonio, TX, 78254.
  3. Via the RealManage Resident Portal at Once you log in to the Portal, choose “My Documents” and then “Forms”. 

Please note that if you are replacing your roof from recent hail damage, an ACC Request is required, unless you are keeping the same color and composition.

Architectural Control Committee (ACC) Information

Bridgewood’s Architectural Control Committee (ACC) shall be appointed by the Board of Directors (BOD) of the Bridgewood Homeowners Association. The ACC shall have the authority and responsibility to approve or disapprove all residence and commercial, construction within the confines of what is known as The Bridgewood Community. The ACC. shall have the responsibility for maintaining the general harmony of all construction and fire and pollution control in the Bridgewood Community.

 The ACC shall have the authority to:

  1.  Approve or disapprove plans and specifications;
  2. Request the Manager of the Bridgewood HOA. to halt construction if there is evidence that construction is not in accordance with approved plans, all relevant building codes and/or regulations;
  3. Grant variances to these guidelines, providing the variance is not in conflict with the Bill of Assurance or any other applicable building codes.

If you have any questions or would like further information, please contact RealManage at Thank you for your cooperation in this matter!