Clarification on Meeting; Community Day; & Fencing Works Update

Hello Bridgewood!

It has come to our attention that the announcement for the Organizational Meeting has caused some confusion. This Meeting is not to vote in a Board of Director. Our BOD team currently has five members that were elected by homeowners at the last few Annual Meetings. This vote is only between the Board to assign one of the current Directors to the office/role of Vice President.

Community Day was a great success! Thank you to all who came and kindly donated food.

We’re happy to let you know that the fencing works are back on after a delay in obtaining bids due to the large scope of the project. Here is the current status:

Phase 1 – Fencing facing Shaenfield Road – Complete.
Phase 2 – Fencing facing Leslie Road/1604 – Needs Stained. In the process of legal works to fire the current contractor and obtain new bids for the staining only. 
Phase 3 – Fencing facing Liberty Field – Complete. 
Phase 4 – Fencing behind Victory Cavern – Tentatively scheduled to begin 03 December time frame. 
Phase 5 – Fencing along Oscar Wood – Currently obtaining bids.

Please remember that the only fences the HOA can fix are ones containing masonry, as the HOA owns those. If there is no masonry, the fencing is the private property of the homeowner and we aren’t allowed to touch it.

Any questions or comments can be directed to or

Thank you and have a great day!