2019 Holiday Lights Contest in Bridgewood

Hello, Bridgewood!

We are so excited to announce that last year’s Holiday Lights Contest was so much fun, that we are going to make it an annual event!

This year’s contest will run from 29 November through 15 December. This event has been posted to the web site’s calendar.

Prize are gifts cards for Home Depot in the following amounts:
1st Place: $100.00
2nd Place: $50.00
3rd Place: $25.00

Submissions of photos and/or videos or any questions or comments need emailed to: board@mybridgewood.com. Please notate your name and address on all emails. If you win, we will use your address, but won’t use your names without your explicit permission.

We are greatly looking forward to the AWESOME entries we are going to receive from you!