Bexar County Upcoming Public Meeting Related to Traffic & Safety

Hello Bridgewood!

We just received contact from Bexar County that there is an upcoming meeting relating to Bridgewood’s traffic and safety. The meeting will be held at Ward Elementary this week on Tuesday, 10 December at 6:00 pm.

We are so excited that it looks like some of our concerns are being addressed by Bexar County. Please find below some contents of the message that we received:

“The Commissioner directed the Bexar County Public Works department to engage a traffic engineer to conduct a SITE Analysis in the area.  Based on nature of the specific concerns, the engineer had to expand his study to include the area from Sawyer Valley to Liberty Field, from FM1560 to 1604.  At this meeting, the engineer will share his findings and recommendations to enhance safety in the area and Public Works will discuss next steps as it relates to the implementation of those recommendations.  The recommendations will impact Bridgewood residents.  Recommendations include adding a multi-way stop at Liberty Field and Cavern Hill and another multi-way stop at Liberty Field and Sawyer Valley.  Bridgewood residents are welcome to attend.”

We hope to see you there!