Bexar County Update on Speed Humps and Bridgewood Traffic Safety

Well, we were finally able to get a response (after months of trying) from Bexar County on the progress of our speed hump requests. Bexar County is currently in the process of the data analysis  and may need to collect more data. They expect to have the site analysis completed by mid-November. The analysis includes:

Speed Hump Request

  1. Staggering Creek from Ceders Point to Weathering Run.
  2. Cavern Hill from Vollmer Lane to Stagwood Pass.
  3. Liberty Field from Cavern Hill to Barhill Post.
  4. Liberty Field from Baxter Peak to Barhill Post.

No Parking

  1. No Parking signs at the entrance (Liberty Field @ Royal Hill).

All Way Stop

  1. Cavern Hill @ Vollmer Ln.

We will continue to keep you updated as we are able to gain more information. Thank you!