Cellular on Patrol (COP)


Cellular on Patrol, sponsored by the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office (BCSO) in conjunction with Citizens On Patrol, is a unique and exciting program that gives residents an opportunity to work closely with law enforcement to make their neighborhoods a safer place to live. The Bridgewood Community currently participates in the COP Program within the community to help the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office fight unwanted crime.

If you notice a vehicle driving slowly in the neighborhood, it should be identifiable by the magnets that COP members place on their vehicles. Please note that Bridgewood also utilizes off-duty BCSO Deputies to additionally patrol the neighborhood. If you notice a vehicle acting suspiciously,  please call the BCSO non-emergency line at: 210-335-6000. You can also send us an email to inquire as to whether the vehicle in question in on Bridgewood patrol.

If you are interested in joining this great Team please call the office at 1-866-473-2573 or email bridgewo@ciramail.com to obtain an application to complete the course.

Current COP Members

Meetings are held monthly one (1) hour before Board of Director (BOD) Meetings at the office by the pool. COP requests support with the following:

  1. Bridgewood Fall Festival Support on October 15
  2. Community Day support on November 19
  3. Neighborhood concerns
  4. Introduction of new team leaders
  5.  Halloween support

Thank you so much for your time and support in helping keep Bridgewood safe for our residents!