Clarification – Exterior Renovations/Repairs Procedures

ACC Clarification

Per Board of Directors (BOD) resolution voted on 24 January 2016, an ACC Request does not need to be submitted for minor repairs (such as replacing a few fence planks, replacing one or two pieces of siding, etc.). In addition, an ACC Request does not need submitted if your improvements/repairs are “like for like”, for example if the improvements/repairs are the same color, composition, and style that you are replacing. This includes roofs, trim, fencing, etc.

ACC Volunteers

The BOD would like to reach out to you for volunteers for the ACC. The ACC is supposed to be comprised of three (3) residents who are not Board Members. Due to lack of volunteers, the ACC is currently comprised of Board Members. We need your help and encourage you to volunteer to help keep Bridgewood beautiful. Please contact if you are interested in helping out. Thank you!